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It would be fair to say that, over the years, we have seen our fair share of launches, whether it be new club venues or brands, new bars, new magazines or even the latest innovative product, indeed we have seen a handful of premieres, plenty of new ventures and lots more in between. So, we have, as the saying goes, been there & done that, not least when it comes to porno flicks, we having filled our video cabinet (yes were are talking video age!) with all manner of x rated entertainment from an early age, then in a previous guise, were used to seeing sex on the small screen on a daily basis, so have had more than our fair share of hot, horny humping, in fact we have seen pretty much everything, from good to bad,  to indecent  and to downright dirty. That said, when the chance comes up to sample something new, we rarely resist, especially if it has musclebound men involved (how shallow of us). So with this very tempting prospect on our doorstep which we were able to combine with a peek at the revised look of one of our favourite Soho sophisticate hangouts, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that we would be hot footing our way down Wardour Street to the delights of Profile Bar and the treats of some drop dead gorgeous bare chested beauts.
Men At Play, as the name suggests, places its business firmly in the male sex porn market, on online business that has developed a considerable following since a full-on launch just over 18 months ago. Indeed with well over 100 models on their books, the Men At Play crew have certainly made a mark on this very competitive industry, having to date produced two glossy books, “Ready To Play” & “”Business Affairs”, on top of scores of movies available online, whether in their “Solo”, “Hardcore”, or “Backstage” categories, as well as two full length features in their “Executive Pleasures” series of DVD’s, both the books & the films showing them to be very much at the business end of the male market, in more ways than one, the suited & booted brigade market very much catered for by their productions. And of those models, with stunners like Alex Marte, Damien Crosse, Max Shutler, Carlos Rivas, & Marco Blaze on their books, as well as close to home hunks Ben Brown & Bruno Knight, there is little or no surprise that suits soon get stripped, ties unknotted and shiny shoes shorn in favour of man on man all out action that would get even the most strong willed well & truly hot under the collar.
So, when news hit our desks that the boys (well men actually) were launching a new DVD, simply entitled “Gentlemen”, choosing Profile Bar in Soho as the venue for this special event, promising a collection of their models suited & booted (well, from the waist down at least!) on hand to promote the new flick, we thought what better way to fire up our Friday than in the hands of the Men At Play crew. But when we also heard that the team behind Profile, had instigated some nip & tuck improvements, it was an absolute must that we hot footed it down to Wardour Street, arriving at Profiles doors at not long after 8 p.m. (yes late again, don’t!) the Men At Play boys having been doing the rounds since 6 p.m., definitely injecting plenty of pump to proceedings, although Phil Marriott was more than making his mark, with some masterful music that had the place swinging as we found our spot by the newly positioned & designed D.J booth.
Now, as much as we were impressed with the changes the team had made to Profile (more of that in a minute), we couldn’t help but notice the drop dead gorgeous hunks wandering around the bar, clip boards in hand & approaching customers with their alluring looks & even more enticing assets, collars & ties traded for the bare chested look that we had been so much looking forward to, indeed when Phil pointed out a rather fetching tall & toned (well more beefcake brawn & heavenly hunk actually) Italiano looking number, who for some reason, kept wandering past but actually not approaching us with his board (damn!) our gaze was pretty much transfixed on him rather than what we should have been looking at, the changes to Profiles layout. So, with refreshments in hand & the night already looking like slipping into one of debauchery & madness with Mr Marriot (we do love our Friday’s at Profile), we took a moment to survey the new look & territory, squeezing past & around the substantial crowd that had developed, the changes apparent to the eye, as a sizeable amount of the booth seating had been removed to make much more standing room, although the biggest improvement was the addition of a permanent D.J. booth, now properly positioned next to the bar, thus giving the D.J. a full view of his audience  rather than being tucked away in the corner as before. And Phil was definitely revelling in this new found spot to select his sounds, very much being able to connect with the crowd more, who were also appreciative of the change, many dancing & prancing to Phil’s heavenly house tunes.
But, as much as the night was a celebration of the changes to Profile, it was more about Men At Play & their new DVD “Gentlemen”, excerpts of the film flick being shown on the widescreen for all to see, although our attention kept being grabbed by the hoard of hunks parading around the place and very much adding sex & seduction to the sophistication of this Soho spot. Yet, as much as we wanted the gorgeous Italiano to make his advances, it was Bruno Knight & Ben Brown that made it to us first, thrusting their clipboards in our direction (no not for our autograph silly!) with the temptation of a free “Gentlemen” DVD on offer in a special competition being run for the night, we handing over our details with gay abandon, while Ben & Bruno framed an impromptu camera shot of us for posterity, Mr Knight then hilariously grooming his broad hairy covered chest with a fetching pink comb,  both butch & camp colliding calamitously.
With proceedings at full swing and Profile getting busier by the minute, we turned our attention to our pal Phil, who was laying down some serious sounds both for the bar & for Gaydar Radio’s ClubNation show, which broadcasts live from Soho each Friday night. Indeed, Friday’s in this format have become quite an institution of late for us, many an evening extending into a night, generally downstairs in Lo-Profile, which often spots favourites including Brent Nicholls, D’Johnny & the dynamic duo of Steve Pitron & Mikey D, this occasion being no different as both Beyond boys were down to play, making the decision to extend our evening an easy one. But that was all to come, we having planned a liason with Brent Nicholls round the corner in Rupert Street first, although the planned 9 p.m. meet was fast slipping, as we simply couldn’t tear ourselves away from the magnificent music of Mr Marriott and the muscle-bound Men At Play porn parade, no surprise really, as both elements, the music & the men, were too much to resist elevating an already amazing atmosphere even more, we fully engaged & engrossed in this enthralling environment.
However, with a mercy message in from Mr Nicholls, we made a dash to share our devotions for a while, although the draw of the Men At Play movements was to see us back at Profile in plenty of time to take in more of those drop dead gorgeous guys, still suited & booted but definitely shirtless and raring to show more downstairs in Lo-Profile. And with both Phil & us very much in the mood, the shots of Sambuca flowing & the prospect of another night of naughty but nice audacious action ahead, we hot footed it downstairs, descending into delightful debauchery in the hands of Beyond boys Dower & Pitron, Steve in particular in very playful mood, mimicking our “Doing The Disco Matt” dance moves, much to the delight & hilarity of a whole collection of clubbers & familiar faces who joined us in our jovial jaunt, the Men At Play crew adding their own sexual spice with seductive & saucy stage showings to round off what ended up being another fabulous Friday in captivating company.
In Profile Bar we have very much found a venue that seems to deliver all the elements that we have come to enjoy in an evening of entertainment, Friday especially hitting the mark with increasing regularity, not least as the whole atmosphere of the place seems to be pitched perfectly, all helped along by the terrific team both behind the scenes & our front, but moreover in the music from Mr Marriott, whose tremendous talent for selecting the most superb sounds has impressed us immensely, so much so, that Friday’s are never quite the same without some fun with Phil. Then, you add to the mix, the Men At Play crew and there was no wonder that this event will go down as one of our favourites of the year, Bruno Knight & his team of bared chested beaut’s certainly providing plenty of eye candy entertainment throughout the evening, meaning we will definitely be paying a visit to their online site very soon and can’t wait for their next DVD launch event, especially if that attractive tall & toned Italiano is around again. (DISCO MATT)

If like us, you simply can’t wait for the next DVD launch and want to get your hands on some suited & booted seduction, why not go visit the Men At Play website and even become a member, which will gain you access to all those online x-rated films of Alex, Ben, Damien, Marco & many more in action, plus galleries and their online shop, all at the tip of your fingers by going to


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