Monday, 9 January 2012

Im back after my December break!! Bring on 2012!

Hey guys hope 2012 has started with a bang,i know mine has! Saying that 2011 ended with a bang too ;-)

I decided to take the whole month of December out of life,including work and gym ect and decided to catch up with friends and do what i do best, P A R T Y!  And boy have a partied,so much so im over it. Well,,,,,, at least for a while anyway :-)

Having a break from Mr Brown has done me the world of good,and im sure he feels the same to! Its hard breaking up and still staying friends with an ex  but with a 23yr old its even harder! Anyway that the past and its all about the 2012 right? Bla bla bla

So as i said mine started with Bang,my 2012 that is! Started my looking after my friend who i share my house with. He became unwell over NY with a chest infection,that doesn't  sound bad you say? Well yea BUT he is curently doing Chemo for his cancer :-( Anyway he is back from hospital and im at home keeping him company and im in my Florence  Nightingale mode :-) But that has led me to having time tonight to sit and up date my blog,so not all bad. My friend Pauls says "hi" (shouting from the other couch) to all you guys reading ,ill keep up dated on "uncle pauls" (as he has now been named) progress on my blog.


So lots has been happening, just seems like im having scene after scene  come out this month, already had 2 from and 1 from and still have 1 more for Ragging Stallions to come,and thats just January!

So anyways i post some pics and links so you guys can take a ganger ;-)


  1. Hey you :3 Glad your new year is starting off great, sorry to hear about your friend, hope he gets well soon! Would love to chat to you, you sound like a really nice bloke. Plus your from UK like me which makes it all the more better, much love!

    Matt x

  2. Do not demoralized, to refuel!
    Like your video;
    Love you and support!

    Taichung, Taiwan

  3. Bruno: I am in LA and I am madly in love with you. How may i contact you??? My Twitter is: DomizianoA.I follow YOU already, Please FOllOW ME and Send me a Message telling me what to do, and I'll do anything you want/ask,man!
    But I need you! I'm just crazy for you man! :)
    Hope we can talk soon! You seem so sweet, I'm sure you won't let me hang.. I hope you won't sexy man! You're my IDEAL since I first saw you!
    Thanks, David.