Monday, 18 June 2012


OMG im soo shit at this blogging thing,I've been so busy that I've not blogged for months! So since my last rant about whats been happening in my life,lots has changed! Firstly my sick friend paul,is no longer sick :-) The big C word is no longer there which is amazing! Im no longer living in Brighton with paul,although my belongings are still there! ...... Long story, Here is the VERY short version. I left brighton one friday morning to head to Brussels for the night to party. In-between leaving my home in Brighton at 9am and my eurostar train due to leave London at 2.30pm to take me to Brussells i had decided to stay in london and,,,,, well lets just say,,, play :-)

Since that day I've not been home once. Infact up until 3 weeks ago I've been out of the uk every week at least to one country or more for the past 5 months! Its been of the scale fairy cake bonkerness!!

Now I'm back and its still bonkerness madness and craziness organising HUSTLABALL LONDON 2012 and my NEW creation.. HOTRODS The British Gay Porn Awards. 

Introducing HOTRODS the awards that are intended to give something real back to the many stars, directors, studios and supporting staff who provide constant hot action,amazing story lines and entertainment thrills for their audiences,not to mention the hard work the guys do to keep those bodies looking buff!

The HOTRODS awards will be made in categories including Best Studio, Best Newcomer, various best in roles, and Overall Lifetime Achievement award.

The first ever HOTRODS award ceremony will be a star-packed fierce fuel filled HOTRODS party at Union in Vauxhall on Sunday 8 July.

This sexually-fuelled evening will include 2 live porn shoots live on stage,produced by Alphamalemedia and myself

Guest appearances from top stars from the UK, and Europe The BIG boys from the USA come over the pond to perform and support HOTRODS.


HOTRODS is set to be NEW highlight to the porn calendar across the UK and Europe.

So as you can Imagine its fucking loopy loo right now with the HUSTLABALL and WORLDPRIDE and HOTRODS all happening all within 42hrs of each other!   

Soooooooo please BEAR Grrr with me :-)

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